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The hunt for carbon is on with your CO2 Card

Use your CO2 Account payment card as you would your regular payment card, but with less CO2.

The payment card is today the preferred means of payment of the French. It is also the method that emits the least amount of CO2.

With the CO2 Card, you spend your €G in all shops (and online sales). And after each purchase, you'll receive a notification, along with your new balance. Classic and practical.

With the CO2 card, you can easily circulate €G money. And you fight against climate change in your daily life.

The CO2 Card is a MasterCard

There is no revolution here. It's classic, but it works so well.

The CO2 card is a classic MasterCard, which is accepted at a large number of merchants and online. In France and abroad.

Classic and efficient.

One Card, one account and one App

Like all payment cards, the CO2 Card is associated with an account, the CO2 Account. You manage your card and your account with the CO2 Account App.

You are in control of your CO2 Card and your CO2 Account. Whether you want to change your limits, activate options or make transfers, with the application you use green-euros on a daily basis and thus take action against climate change.

Your account

Get your CO2 Account in a few minutes. With its IBAN, it will allow you to credit your CO2 Card but also to accept SEPA direct debits.


Account follow-up

Check your balance in €G quickly and easily! Updated in real time with each transaction, the application allows you to consult all your transactions.


Instant transfer

Make your transfers with a simple telephone number. Choose the recipient, enter the amount and off you go. If your contact has a CO2 account, the transfer is immediate.



The CO2 Card and CO2 Account package costs €G5 per month. That's all it costs.

Withdrawals are not allowed, as cash payments emit too much CO2 and can be replaced by a simple transfer from your phone, so there is no ATM withdrawal fee!

Loss of card

In case of loss, theft, damage or any other reason, where we have to send you a new card, it will cost you €G26.5 . That's all there is to it.


Overdraft fees

CO2 Account is an account on which it is not possible to be overdrawn. Payments from the App, and the CO2 Card will not work if the account balance becomes negative. This limits bank charges!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You order your CO2 Card via the application.

In accordance with our regulatory obligations, you will then need to enclose proof of identity and proof of address.

Add these documents directly by taking a picture of them from your application. Once these documents have been received, you will receive your CO2 Card by post, after one week.

All that remains is to activate it via the application by entering the 9-digit number on the back of the CO2 Card.

Once activated, you will have access to the PIN code (or confidential code) of your CO2 Card, and you can use it immediately.

Your card works on the MasterCard network in all your favourite shops, in the supermarket or when paying online. You can even pay abroad.

We discourage cash withdrawals at ATMs by charging high fees: cash payments emit large amounts of CO2, which goes against our commitments.

The CO2 Card is in a test phase until mid-2022: if you register before this date, the first 12 months of use of your CO2 Card will be free.

The cost is then €G5 per month.

3-DS technology helps fight fraud, reduce the risk of your account being hacked, by sending a confirmation code to your phone to validate an online payment.

We are currently working on the implementation of this functionality with our partner Treezor.


You can manage your PIN directly in the application by going to 'Change my PIN'

In the management of your CO2 card on the application, go to 'Block card' and follow the instructions.

This operation is reversible, i.e. you can unlock your card.

First of all, you need to block your card. In the CO2 card management on the application, go to 'Block card' and follow the instructions.

Send an email to receive a new card.

This will be sent to you and charged at €G26.5.

First of all, you need to block your card. In the CO2 card management on the application, go to 'Block card' and follow the instructions.

After blocking your CO2 card, you send us an e-mail and we will stop it.

We will send you another one for €G26.5.

Also check your recent transactions. If you have any doubts about a transaction following the loss of your CO2 Card, contact us immediately.

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