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Manifesto for a carbon-free world

Our aim is not to lecture you on climate change. The IPCC does that very well.

Our aim is not to lecture you on money either. There are many brilliant and fascinating experts on the subject (we recommend Jean Cartelier).

Our goal is to fight climate change simply on a daily basis and to succeed in the bet that we can act together.

I don't want to die....

We read "Collapse" by Jared Diamond and understood two things.

Firstly, with climate change, in the end, everyone dies. Young, old, rich, poor, we all die without exception! Mama, oooh, I don't want to die, sings Freddie Mercury.

That's the point. This is Jared Diamond's second lesson. You can get out of it. There is no fatality. It depends on all of us. This is very good news.

For this to work, citizens must take ownership of the subject.

It's us! It is you!

So we, the CO2 Account team, share this conviction: the fight against climate change will be a citizen's fight or it will not be.

We can make each of us want to change our habits, especially in the way we live and travel.

This is what we offer you. It's super simple. Use a currency dedicated to fighting climate change. A currency that only exists when CO2 emissions are reduced. A GREEN euro is a euro that has been produced by a reduction in CO2 emissions. Each time an economic agent reduces one ton of CO2, he receives 44.60 euros, i.e. 44,60 GREEN euros!

The currency of a carbon-free world!

Pay for everything with this climate currency. The more it circulates, the more CO2 emissions are reduced, the more impact there is on the fight against climate change. Our project is to succeed in making this new currency emerge thanks to you.

You are a climate hero. Well done and welcome to the land of no carbon.


Not at all.

First, on the side of the central banks, since 2020, almost all in the world are working on « Central Bank Digital Currency » projects (MNBC). In 2021, they are all looking for a use case of a retail CBDC for all of us.

Monetary innovation is therefore progressing.

All central banks seem to grasp the climate issue. Thus, on 8 July 2020, for the first time, the president of the European Central Bank said she was ready to green all its operations as a central bank, including its €2.8 trillion asset purchase programme.

Similarly, on 13 December 2019, the Governor of the Banque de France, on the occasion of the conference « Changing Era: Global Warming and Finance » in Paris, explained that the Banque de France must "measure and take into account these risks in its collateral valuation policy".

It is up to us to prove to them that the Green-Euro could be the first retail CBDC dedicated to the climate.

On the climate front, the news is getting worse all the time. The latest IPCC report from 2023, AR6, confirms that the situation is worsening on all fronts. Unfortunately, this is in line with previous reports. Remember that AR4 of 8 October 2018 called for a radical change! Even the newspaper "Les Echos" had headlined their editorial that day "Apocalypse Now - Twenty years: that is how long humanity has left to live on this planet as it has always lived - or close to it......"

Introducing a new currency, dedicated to the fight against climate change, promotes this greening of central bank operations, and this radical change. The more the trade in green-euros increases, the more mentalities will change.

We are also pragmatic. Our aim is not to pay you CO2 bonuses. We are not a competition for "bounty hunters". The aim of this CO2 bonus is to show you why a new currency can have a significant climate impact. It's all about getting you to love and use this new currency. Pass on the €G currency!

And then, among other things, CO2 Account has received three highly selective grants from the European Community's HORIZON EUROPE and H2020 programmes: the FORTESIE and BENEFFICE collaborative projects and the SMEs programme. We're very proud of that!

Want more action?

Are you passionate about digital, climate and economic issues? Come and join us and help us develop our activity, to widely deploy the €G currency.

Write to us at

The CO2 Account team

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